Save the B.E.A.R

ACROSS is a roomscale VR game, where you are tasked with a simple objective : cross the room.

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25 levels

Each level has a start portal, an end portal, ... and things in between.

A sword and a bear

You can count on two things to help you defeat each level : a glowing katana that cuts through everything and reflect projectiles, and a furry B.E.A.R.* that you must protect at all costs.

Go forth (and then back)!

ACROSS drags you into its crazy sci-fi puzzles, inspired by games such as Portal.

10 shades of Neon

Change the color of your weapon at will.

Not a wave shooter

ACROSS makes you think and observe before acting (well, except for that one level).

Roomscale VR

Makes full use of the HTC vive capabilities. ACROSS cannot be played seated, requires 360 degree tracking and a 2*2 meters space.

* batteries not included